what to look for in investment property?


Find out when you buy a residential or commercial property and avoid some of the disasters I have experienced in real estate buying over the last 25 years, so let’s start with the red flags. It does not matter if the property is more valuable now, residential or commercial. If you have a large house, homeowners like to have a large backyard. If it does not have a pool, a pool should be placed. Commercial property has a higher parking rate for you. You can always make money. Either you build a fast food CV / Pharmacy at the end of a drive you know. Large size is a very important red flag because the parking rate is required. If the property is a very small lot, you unfortunately do not want to buy the largest house in the block where you made that mistake twice. When you have the largest house on the block, I pay a lot of money for it. If you like the price or what you have and the block will be the most expensive house. A house or property should now be adjacent to Freeway.


Anything with clear noise is clearly a disadvantage to the property because it is a sound rail freeway and if it is a commercial property it is not attractive to buyers now. It’s a different story that can be played in both ways if you get the free road signs that most tenants love. But in general you want to stay near the freeway and you should not be near schools for obvious reasons. I stay on the freeways because of the congestion. If you walk into a house and you smell something, it will be the next new sensitive property. You know that the house has been vacant for months and can be molded. Property always has your nose in it. Unfortunately in some estates you have to reveal it. What you want to pass next is a violent crime on their property, a bad layout, if he has a bad Feng Shui bad layout, you can not do much about it and I will pass the property. Next time you will not see the die, but if you see dry rot while walking the property you will probably have to do a very expensive termitis repair and you can get a timely check but it is a big red flag foundation problems it may not be visible to your eyes again If you see a lot of cracks, the floor will look uneasy as you walk behind it. If you see concrete being sold in some areas, a red flag has been put in place and maintenance has been postponed if there is property next. Full pl electric heating and air conditioning electric old roof and HVAC.

You will need to provide that property.Windows When you have dual panel windows you have seen a lot of this and most of them are og and it means that you need to replace all the windows and windows and doors are more expensive and you can not fix another low ceilings 70s, 60s, 70s Or even older houses built with very low ceilings and there really isn’t much you can do with that property. Next you can put as much lipstick as you want on this house or property. But you can’t fix the neighborhood, so if you have a large amount of housing, as you know, the fixtures are likely to go up. Maybe it’s a few windows and the neighbors working in their cars is a bad neighborhood and it seems like a high crime now you want to go past the red flags.

Let’s talk about a few green flags when you get property right now. The first thing you need to do is find a motivated seller for me. All About Buying Low sales are high so I want to get the lowest price per foot, so if there are any discounts on your property the sellers are motivated and when you read the listing agent’s comments there are multiple discounts that are ready to make a deal on neighboring properties The price is less than I can compare. It was the first green flag. Obviously if you want a bigger floor plan you do not need to reduce the desired selling price. Flags We talked about a very good floor plan when you walk in. You know it’s a good place. Be it Cool-de-Zak or a quiet quiet street. Property Maintenance New plumbing fixtures have been activated and perhaps the kitchen has been renovated.


You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Mental cost means that you are not going to compete with a new development on the street. So let’s say it sells for $ 150 per foot and a new construction for 250 feet. Now you are not a company with a new supply it comes back online Remember that you have to have a large amount of residential or commercial parking Land is valuable as you want to ensure that your share is larger than the composite lists if it is a commercial property If you think it has been mismanaged to me I think it is a red flag. But I want it to go there and manage it better, thereby improving the efficiency of the property and adding value. If it is a commercial property, it is not a single-family house or a multi-family. You may ask if the property is poorly listed and you are going to pay the last rent on my list.


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