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what is revenue vs profit?

Revenue vs profit – Difference Between Revenue and Income

What is the difference between income and profit? The first thing you need to know is that if you have a business or you are interested in business topics, if you are an employee of a company, if you are an employee, when you are re-employed by a company, you should be concerned about the income that your company earns. You may be interested to know but a company makes an income if an individual does not earn an income. Remember, let’s say you work for a company. As an employee you care about the money you have in your pocket Income Income is all about how much you earn from all sources, so what does that mean? Sources Well let’s say you are a full time employee. Let’s say you have a salary and you earn $ 75,000 a year. But in addition to your full-time job, you are also an artist and would love to paint in your spare time. Your paintings are amazing and people want to buy them so you go to these art shows and you sell your paintings twice a year and you earn $ 20,000 from those paintings so that your income is not only the money from your employer but your income is the source of all the money you get. And of course your employer will probably be the most important source of income I think, but if you have a hobby of making money even by selling a garage and you make a thousand dollars it is technically your income and you sell a bike and you earn a hundred in your total income Since total income is included, your total income is the money you earn from all sources. Let us now return to the concept of income versus income. But keep in mind that this only applies to small businesses. For a large business it is not important to have any kind of business, so business revenue is the money earned from all sales, so let’s say a company has five different products, each of which makes some money, and then you put it all together. Earns twenty-five million dollars a year. It is now the revenue earned from all sales. The income of a company is the income we have learned, which minimizes the expenses that will save you income. Five million dollars but you wanted to spend ten million dollars on advertising so your income was twenty five million dollars. But your income is less than your expenses. So your income is fifteen million dollars. As a net profit, it is only a small bonus statement for you and you have the difference between income and income.

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