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What are the differences between Credit Karma and my FICO? My name is Roddy Walker. I would like to go beyond financial cutting motivation tips basically anything that will help you grow your life, so today I will basically go for both of these apps. Let’s go up my phone I like to keep a small folder for my credit applications Today I’m mainly talking about credit karma in my FICO, so let’s talk about credit karma first. We see that Trans Union has 7:31 and Equifax has 7:28. Wow you know it’s very good you have a lot of different elements in credit karma. When you look at it you will see that you have this loan option, it allows you to look here and look at your credit health. As y you can see that there are six factors that determine your loan amount. You got your loan age. Your Credit Utility Payment History Insurance Marks and Accounts Collection Each of these is part of how they credit your credit. Your ranking in certain areas will determine how high your score is. Then you can see in four categories. I am green in color and it is a good variety. It is considered good now.

Those credit ratings are open to be unique, and it shows how I can handle the whole account because I have 13 and I’m still at a good level but I’m not yet at an exceptional level. Credit cards are anything but mortgages, and not just cards. So keep in mind that two payment histories is another great payment history and you should have a really strong payment history. My payment history looks very good because of the double problem. Of the 317 I made, 315 were payments There were some mistakes in the beginning and you can see that it didn’t really affect me in the long run. Credit usage is a big factor in this. So as you can see I have a total limit of two thousand eight hundred and seven hundred and seventy four and as you can see I spend only two thousand one hundred and forty four dollars. That means I use only seven percent of all the loans I use. I want to be within the particular range that I fall into this category and it is very suitable for many to fall into this category. You must be with all your cards. Only 7% of the limit should be used to belong to this category. This will increase your score. Guys, this is one thing about credit bureaus for every credit bureaus. So the things I have to worry about are k on want to work according to my loan age. I am trying to get a lot of credit. I want to skip it, so my oldest account is five years old but the latest account is the last time I got a new card in the last two months. So I want to work on my credit history. It’s not enough for you to know when I’ve had enough, but I’m not going to worry about this because it’s not as big a credit factor as payment history and debt utilization. This will not affect your creditworthiness as long as you get a new credit card. Your credit utilization and payment history will coincide and another thing is that inquiries will affect your credit.

This is another factor that can cause your score to drop to five or ten points. It is likely to recover in the next three months. It usually does not occur until six months of age. It does not take long to recover as long as you pay off balances and you will get a check every time you apply for a loan and if it is a soft test it is a tough test when they pull your loan amount. Then they will not pull your debt. Basically they have some files that you qualify for. Many times it will be difficult to know the difference and many of them will get another credit card on your belt. It’s worth it many times over. Doing it in space times I would get every credit card for every three or six. The five-month five-point boom will take place as you have a new balance, which will help you increase your score by more than five or ten points, because you added a new account and the whole account we talked about will help you. With that factor I’m going to get out of credit karma has a lot to do with it but one thing I want to emphasize before I give it up is how credit karma causes their scores Vantage 3.0 Metric and the reason this is important is because it has made the credit karma score wrong so let’s go ahead and go to my FICO. It can explain more about what I mean and if the score is incorrect, then you have my FICO which is my FICO is $ 40 per month but you have reason to pay $ 40 per month because you get the correct credit score, so we went to my FICO As we go we not only see the Equifax TransUnion but also experience it. There are three main types of credit viewers for customers, and there are three main ones that report that each bureau can be used by another bank, such as Chase. Trans Union US Bank can be used as Experian and Equifax. When you apply to different banks you need to know which credit bureau they are. Hit the ball now when we get here. Eight FICO points Eight FICO scores are one of the FICO scores metric and one thing you should understand about this FICO application is that FICO is generally FICO lenders. The score is this, so when you go into credit karma you will see it from the batting line. Come back with a credit card.

All right you 3731 Trans Union 728 Equifax OK Let’s go now Let’s go to this Equifax 657 TransUnion 698 None of that even in the 700s. It’s a big ass deal. You are in the 700s and you belong in the 600s and trying to apply for things that are generally approved in the 700s will be a difficult time for you now. The only 700 I have at FICO is you ‘Experience’ Today I will learn a lot, I will not lie, you will learn a lot, so here are some more FICO scores. These FICO hip low scores cost about $ 40 a month because you get individual records, so you’ve got three major types of mortgage loans for each type of loan and you can see we’ve going into the mortgage and looking at the FICO scores there When it appears to be even lower than 624 663 630, it means that the mortgage FICO value is different from the automatic FICO score on the credit card, which is usually 20 to 40 points lower than your other points on average. So let’s get to the auto loan boom. It’s a little high. Equifax is still a bit low but Trans Union is up a bit and Experian is up a bit and then we move on to the final credit cards. It was like my special boom. My credit cards are actually the highest credit card score for my Fico credit card score. Getting to know this person means that you have really different scores on what type of loan you are applying for, if you are applying for a mortgage, if you have obtained your mortgage credit score, if you are applying for an auto loan, if your auto lo is you Credit points You have your credit card points when applying for your credit card, so this is very important when applying for things, because if you have a credit card you do not have only one credit score, one credit card company will actually look at more than one point. Not often but maybe they do. If you look around you will see that we have 3 FICO points and even FICO 9 points above all that and it’s too late on me and it’s probably I’m crazy have. Go right there, so you got FICO li FICO 5 4 & 2 one point and then you got FICO 3 and got FICO 9. It is good to try to do some research and find out how they find one of these points. If you’re on credit cards or what category they belong to, they mainly do it I can do it automatically – let’s check it out really quickly. Yes, Autos got 8 FICO scores. You can see that there are lenders looking at FICO score 8 and FICO score 9 that mainly use 5 4 and 2. You want to know what that lender is using and then when you go into a mortgage it is very cut and dry they use only five fours and they actually have a mortgage of only five points and two points, they give you FICO points Eight will not be allowed and the mortgage will not allow you to make 9 FICO points on the mortgage. It is the largest type of credit you can get and then we have four different scoring parameters on credit cards, which gives us FICO scores of nine, five, four and three. So it’s important to know that you want to see Hmm what FICO points are you looking at, so if I go to my credit card do you look at FICO points eight trans unions? Or are you looking at five or four FICO points? Two such experiences will give you completely different results when you apply. This is very important for things and this is what my mentor taught me during that time frame so it is important to try to learn and use these as you go further about this app and it will be of great monetary value to some of you All you need to do is get your credit report. You can take out your FICO score credit report on paper every month and you will receive it if you pay $ 40 per month.

You will receive all three bureaus. Guess what you get when you click on it and see your actual credit report. Lenders can see that I have 19 accounts here to see what you can see Why Credit Karma only said in 13 Why they do not have what FICO has because they do not pay the same attention You can see it is your accounts It’s important for you to be able to see everything that the lender sees, because if you see something different from what the lender sees, you think I can apply for this, that’s right, so here’s one more thing I want to show you FICO scores Because of the simulator of 8 you can see if I have paid my bills in the next 24 months. I get a total of 8 points at 7:42 748 756 as a total of 8 FICO points. Proportional scores seem to be my goal My goal is to try to get there and try to make it the coolest thing in the simulator so you can continue adding new variables like this. That’s why it’s important to use the simulator before you apply it. Because applying for a new credit boom score automatically drops to five negative points, you can see that you can change the number of months if I apply for it in three months.

And five points so you can check this out when my score goes up against three months now. What would it be like if I got a student loan? Then I got an auto loan. The simulator thing is great, it’s right, because it’s like going now. FICO is the number one lender in SpanTig 3.0.

It’s a cool way to get points and it’s a little better than yours but lenders do not see it and you have to understand this because they are the people who approve you for the loan. Now I do not want to invest in the app. I did not want to know that all this money was going to be paid to a credit card company. I know you love credit karma to look at my debt. I loved it but you know when you play with the big boys and you can see your marks they really need to be able to understand it so I think I want to go beyond one more thing I wrapped the video like this I will keep. It is another way of showing credit factors in a better way and it will be done by FICO. Then there is credit karma, so you have access to your insights but willingly swipe you. So these three small sections are the length of your credit history.

Because of the debt, the length of your credit history should be related to the average amount that your accounts have opened, so if you have new ones it will be confused with your old account average, so when you have old accounts, your average will be smaller. One factor is that if you want to extend your average account, it is a good idea to get as many calculations as possible as soon as possible, as you will need to get new ones every year. Hurry up with your debt as I have learned that this will not ruin your debt, but it will take effect as long as you add new accounts. Your ink Your payment history is flawless and you never miss a payment You always come on time and think about your limits, you can only spend $ 10,000, but I will not allow you to spend more than $ 100 on my sauces. It’s weird, but it’s a good habit, especially if you’re new to debt, and you should use as little cash as possible. I use 8%. So as I told you I can now spend as much as thirty thousand dollars on a loan and I will only spend a large portion of that thirty thousand. It makes a big difference because it can affect your score. So looking at this credit factor you can see that each bureau likes to look at the Equifax you like. Take a look at Trans Union You can look at Experience, because sometimes they vary depending on what you are requesting and they are rejected one by one and it is important to understand that these types of things are not the other way around.

The Biggest Mistake on Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a very popular program and application that can be used to check your credit score as it is prudent to use. It is very simple to set up, takes a few minutes and allows you to view your free credit score in no time. True credit score comes from two-thirds of the major credit bureaus in the United States, so there are obviously a lot of bonuses to using Credit Karma, and I personally use Credit Karma to monitor my credit as well as other tools as long as they exist. I want to talk about some of the negatives that come with credit karma and in fact it comes with a lot of other app sites and you know of other ways you can check your credit and get into it. So the bad thing about credit karma is that it gives you points that look better, for example we can use my credit score to say that there are about 750 points about credit karma.

Now we can look at a more important number of points and it is your FICO loan FICO Credit points are the points used by most lenders or most lenders use FICO points more than the score format they use on credit karma and do you know my name you say my credit ? Since 750 credits can be returned to me for 650 FICO Credit points, I personally saw that my credit score was probably about Eve or that there was a difference of more than a hundred points between the credit karma and the actual FICO score. You should not get tired when you use credit karma. Yes, it will tell you that most people have better scores and you know that your scores may still be above average and you know we can give you great access to credit and credit cards Let’s say you have any consumer goods you want to buy your favorite. Let’s say it’s a video game. This will happen if you try to apply for an American Express Platinum Credit Card with a credit score of 750. Oh, the real credit score they are looking for seems to be really low. So I turned it down when I thought I would accept it, so keep that in mind when you are on credit karma or any of the websites I use. There are more than two and keep in mind that FICO scores are reliable scores you can use when trying to get an idea.

How To Get Your FREE Credit Report From Credit Karma

The first thing you need to do is open your web browser and you should go to So this is a website and if you have not already created an account you need to go ahead and register for free I already have an account here and they will ask you a lot of security questions including your social security number You must be a real person to create an account, so I started an account here You can’t really tell how to do it. Free but you will need to log in once you have set up your account so I will log in after I visit the website. This is your home dashboard and it will see you.

Now you know this can be seen from Equifax The other one in Trans Union has dropped so I meant that it is normal for your credit to fluctuate based on card usage and request for new accounts and the like. It’s normal to see it going up and down and you should keep checking it to make sure there’s no nonsense here once you’ve visited this page. It does not matter what your credit score is and what you click on here. Because once you visit this page you will be able to print a credit report from Trans Union or Equifax. Or whatever you want to print you can go I always go with the top one.

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