what is a mortgage ?

repayment mortgage is there are two times broadly speaking their effects all different mortgage ISM there are a lot of sub types of mortgages in fact well you’ve probably seen them or listed in papers and magazines and things there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds quite a few less now than there were five years ago before the banking crisis but still quite a few but they fall into two categories you have on the one hand you have a repayment mortgage and on the other you have an interest-only mortgage

So how do you need a mortgage?

Buy a house and do what you want Borrow some money, so let’s say this. The house costs £ 200,000. 20k So you have a deposit of 20,000. Because of the pound, you need a mortgage of 180,000 Pounds and you get into a beautiful boat 180,000 Pounds to buy a house and they will ask. If you don’t want a refund or a Interest only mortgage is now repayment A mortgage is like saying you don’t pay. Only the interest on the mortgage. Because the bank won’t give you a 180 loan k Now you have no interest Let’s say six per cent is non-conforming. Let me get rid of that product there. Say it looks better and it’s six percent. Here are some of them We’ll make that money you pay back. Keep your monthly interest Payment The rest of the money goes. To repay each original amount You get paid & a That goes to the pay rate Pay interest and proportions. That is going to pay off.
Some of them are our normal times Or the term for our mortgage is 25 years. 25 years after payment You will receive a monthly payment every month. You pay some of this. Interest and you get paid to start. With a very small size Some of the original mortgages have been adjusted. So keep your mortgage on repayment. Those are the first few years of repayment You tend to go for payment of interest.
Start paying at once. When you further access this application 25 years to 25 years You don’t own anything when you get up. There are no pounds on the mortgage and the house. You don’t have to because you don’t belong. Further payment for it and a Repayment mortgage interest only The mortgage will change and you will get. With the money left to pay, but with You have a repayment mortgage. Once you pay, there is nothing left to pay Beyond the 25-year period, it’s a quick story About mortgages while we’re at it Subject mortgages are interesting They are now a leveraged product what does it mean? Buy a Home This is the home you need. You have £ 200,000 to buy it 20,000. Because of the pound, you need 180 in a bank. Think about it, let’s say this is yours.
This represents the money spent. 180,000 comes to buy the house 20,000 bank comes from you You use £ 20,000 effectively To buy a valuable asset we know If that asset goes up, 200,000 pounds Ten percent of profits Twenty thousand pounds but for you It is not ten percent profit. For you have laid down twenty thousand £ 100 Percy £ 20,000 has been used to buy an asset. That’s 200,000 pounds of acid. Ten percent increased and all Profit is yours and that is an example. Level leveraged product leverage The products are very risky and it’s weird The housing market is an example Generally a leveraged product People are not allowed to help Participate in the leveraged market you own. Either you have to be extremely rich or you have. Or a financial institution or bank The disadvantage of such a thing Leverage is what keeps you all going. Profit Outside But The disadvantage is that you too will suffer The loss is if the house is for that For example, where to go down ten percent. 10% is not a big drop. The house was worth £ 200,000 and it went. Ten percent may not.

What Is a Fixed-Rate Mortgage?

what is a mortgage

fixed rate mortgage is the most basic of all loan programs it has a specific time frame meaning that it’s going to be paid back over 10 years 15 years 20 years for 30 years the payments never change so month in and month out you’re paying the same thing no matter what and there’s usually no balloon payment meaning that it’s not doing payable before the maturity term of the loan.

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