what is gold carat?

What`s a carat (karat) of Gold?

Referring to the purity of gold, you assess the purity of gold by the word carat in English and many other languages. It has spread across many languages ​​either with the spelling of C or with K and its carats now causing more confusion. At the moment we are not talking about the weight of gold as the carat word spelling refers to the mass or weight of gold. We are not talking about the purity of gold. The word carrot has nothing to do with garden vegetable carrots. The word carat comes from carob seeds, I’m going to put them there, I’m going to go for a bird feeder, so the maximum number that shows the purity of the gold is 24 OK, don’t ask me, probably for the same reason why? It measures 12 inches per foot, with a maximum of 24 carats, indicating pure gold. So it is 100% gold. Now your gold and goods are not usually 100% gold. 

They usually have other ingredients added and you can soften it with il or aluminum like pure gold baking foil so that it can be used and it is not so useful for jewelry. This is because jewelry makers have these little touches and closets and things that fit snugly into your fingers. If they are deformed in this way during assembly it is not so good so they make it a little harder and add a few alloy elements to the pure gold. Otherwise pure gold is like this baking for you. So go for the carat numbers. For example, if you have 18 carat or C18C18 carat gold, it means that it is about 75% pure and how it is made of 18 parts gold and I say gold. 

Instead, I write 8u because it is the symbol for gold in chemistry, so 18 parts represent the purest part of 24 for 24 parts of gold out of 20 possible, so 18 out of 24 is equal to three quarters and has a basic system equal to 75% 75% If there are 12 carats of gold it is 24 parts or 12 parts of gold and if the rest are alloy elements I am going to talk about it as 750 gold. Since there are two more sentences, 12 out of 24 equals 50%. You get this for 20-carat gold which is about 24 to 20 carats and not half. Subtract very easily, so we do this with a calculator 20/24 The zero point is equal to eight three three and it is 83 lakhs of gold, so I would go for eighty-three gold three percent, but because of these decimals this other method is a system of melasma or a thousand Is also used, so this will be eight hundred OK Ugly 833 833 gold This will be five hundred gold because it is 50% and when it is called 500 gold instead of the decimal point it is fifty points. 

Mixing and loosening are done by mixing with another element. What is added to gold is silver and in chemistry, silver is only AG and you either add silver and when you mix it with gold it becomes white gold. So when you have 75% gold or 18-carat gold the remaining 25% is lost as it is made of other white metal like silver or nickel but most people have allergies so you seem to have problems with it. Or you can add copper. Or if it does not match it is copper and you can see in chemistry that when it is mixed with gold silver it turns into white gold and when gold is mixed with copper it is not this red but red. But you will get the idea then you can see the goldsmith or the score. Or the manufacturer of these items I will remove the camera from the tripod and try to zoom in on this small tag.

 Let’s see what the camera can do in this low light You can see it 12 carat KT is good on it, so this thing is 50% old and by its color, it looks red so you can see that it is white. It is then assumed that this is made of gold mixed with copper. Half of this will be somewhere. The 12 carat gold with a bunch of copper is whiter than this. So this is an 18-carat chain and it will be 18 carats with 25% silver. What else do I have here? This little red thing is hard to see in this light, and it belongs to that group because of its large amount of copper. Of course, this is too light so alas it is lost. Made entirely of copper but when it comes to gold it would make sense with the numbers.

What are the Differences in Gold Karats?

People always know that 18 carats to 14 carats need something, so it’s a bit cheaper if it’s 10 carats. Why these ten-carat gold you will usually see a stamp inside. It would say ten carats, or it would be fourteen fourteen seventeen 41.7 It would be 41% gold, so 41.7% gold would be 14 carats 58.3% gold or it would be a 583 stamp Typically our European brand American manufacturers use 10-carat 18-carat.

 If there is an 18-carat gold necklace it will be 75% gold. Remember now that there is only one country in the world that oversees gold jewelry production and the United States has a 75 or 750 stamp for something European does not mean it will be 75% gold, but it will be close, but if it is not monitored, You thought you would not get exactly one thing you will see immediately when you rise to the bullion which is 99 percent gold you will find that my ring is 14 carats and how it turns yellow and the color you can see on my ring when you take gold You will see a difference.

 The eagle is watching you and it is very orange II. So the difference in content from 10 carats to 18 carats will turn more yellow because it has more gold and less than the other metals that make it up. It will be softer, but it will scratch easily when you reach 18 carats because most American manufacturers use 14-carat gold because of the softness.

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